How can refinishing save you money?

Replacing countertops, bathtubs or cabinets is not only a costly expense, but can be very difficult and time consuming. You will need to replace the wall, tile, pipes, and hardware that might be damaged during the removal and installation process. Instead of replacing damaged kitchen countertops, bathtubs, or cabinets, have them refinished and looking like new.

Bathtub Repair and Refinishing

Bathtub Surround Installation

Bathtub Cut-Out / Conversion

Countertop Repair, and Refinishing 

Tile Refinish and Restore

Interior Wall Painting

Why hire Commercial Services MN Inc.?

At Commercial Services MN, Inc. we have many years of experience. We pride ourselves on being among the leaders in the industry, maintain the highest work quality, and continue to meet or exceed our customer's expectations! We are always working to improve our professionalism.

Our work is proficient and everything you would expect. We leave no mess behind and work is completed on schedule. We use 'State of the Art' technology that seals porous surfaces to help keep them beautiful for years and this is our guarantee.

We cover a large swath of Northwest Oregon and Southern Washington stretching from Eugene, Oregon to Longview Washington. We have many clients in the Portland Metro area as well as the Vancouver Metro area.

We work with many property management companies
and other businesses which we have built a solid,
collaborative working relationship!