About Us

Commercial Services MN Inc. has been in business over 20 years, serving both residential and hotel markets. Our company first started with kitchen countertops and bathtubs. Today our business continues to expand in the Portland area. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom countertops, porcelain or fiberglass tubs and shower refinishing. We incorporate custom color and design on other surfaces such as tile flooring.

Commercial Services MN Inc. is the technology leader for refinishing countertops and bathtubs. We understand that having a five day turn around means there is no margin for error and time is crucial, not only for apartments management, but also for eager tenants. As a leader in our field we provide high quality performance. However, what truly sets us apart is that we can also provide that high level of service quality AND same day service!

Advantages of using Commercial Services MN, Inc.

  • We use our exclusive process that leaves no odor and requires no cure time.
  • Our work is guaranteed against chipping and peeling. We utilized advanced technology and quality products.
  • Our fast, friendly, and knowledgeable staff can quickly assess your situation and provide style and service recommendations.
  • We are fanatical about prompt service and deliver 24 hour service in most cases.
  • The high quality refinish materials we use average 5 to 6 "turns", which translates into 3 to 5 years due to its high stain resistance and durability. This technology not only increases durability but more importantly, it saves time and money.
  • Years of professional and reliable service have earned us a strong reputation in the Portland and surrounding region.

A few of our customers include:

  • Harsh
  • HSC Residential
  • GSL
  • Pinnacle
  • Affinity Properties
  • CTL Management
  • Circum Pacific Properties
  • Canyon Property Management