Are your bathtubs old, worn out, or damaged?

They may need a refreshing of the surface instead of paying a costly amount of money to replace them. By refinishing your bathtub or shower, you could be renovating it to a like-new condition.

We can repair most types of chips, gouges, cracks, rusted areas, holes, dents and scratches.

The process of re-glazing your bath area consists of repairing any damages. Once the repairs are done we prep the surface according to the type of bathtub (porcelain, metal, claw foot, fiberglass, cast iron, enamel) and apply bonding agent, primer and the new industrial top technology coat. Refinished bathtubs are ready to be used within 36 to 48 hours!

4521 before
Bathtub Before Refinishing - bathtub is worn out. It has small chips and cracks. 
4521 after (1)
Bathtub After Refinished - Chips and cracks repaired and refinished bathtub.

Bathtub Restoration

We can restore bathtubs that are not damaged with chips or cracks and don't need to be refinished, to a whole new look
Bathtub Before Restoration
Bathtub After Restoration 

The job consists of removing all stains, deep cleaning, and then restoring the tub's surface with a clear glaze. The tubs may be used the same day. There are no harsh chemicals involved, and no offensive odor. 


Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass is a great material for waterproof fixtures and has been used extensively all over the world for many year. However, over time fiberglass bathtubs and showers can get damaged..

Before - Bathtub with major crack across tub's floor and with no support. 

During repair - Foam and wood being added for support. 

During repair - Bathtub is being reinforced with layers of fiberglass and patched.  

After - Bathtub refinished and looking like New!

Fiberglass damage such as, large cracks, holes, burn marks scratches, cracks and worn out surface can detract from the overall look, usability, and in some cases even the safety of the fixtures. We can reconstruct the damaged area with new fiberglass and refinish to look like new.

Our finishing product has an aliphatic technology that allows metals to be coated including aluminum, slate tile as well as Formica, fiberglass or wood. The technology is amazing and we are skilled in its use

Give us a call to discuss your particular bathtub situation and we can provide recommendations and a Free Estimate.